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ALEX ALBERS (they/she) is an experienced documentary editor whose work has premiered on PBS, Fox Sports, Netflix, Amazon Prime as well as film festivals across the country and around the world.  Their passion is character driven documentary filmmaking rooted in social change.

She uses Adobe Premiere.  (full bio)



Featured Work


PERFECT SWEAT is a 9-part documentary travel series that explores bathing culture and how the experience of sweat is intertwined within different cultures and traditions.  More


Painting professionals test AURA® paint for the first time and share their excitement about the experience. The superior coverage and color depth of the paint is an unparalleled quality among its peers. Try AURA® Interior, with exclusive Color Lock® technology, that delivers the ultimate


COMPLICATED is a feature documentary about kids with rare and complex diseases whose care is too complicated for mainstream medicine.  The film focuses on one of the most prevalent and representative of these conditions, a connective-tissue disease called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS). More


KenCrest's Meaningful Day program supports participants in getting out into the community for group activities and volunteer opportunities.

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