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Money raised through the online campaign 

aided in Brava's effort to expand to

the adjacent storefront spaces.

St. James Infirmary & TGI Justice Project were evicted from their space of 13 years. Money

raised through the online campaign went

towards moving costs, renovation, and rent.  

This campaign achieved its initial $25k goal in the first 3 days, meeting the final reach goal of 35k by day 30.

Help St. James Infirmary Move 


The Y'all Come Back Show was a 

multidisciplinary art show featuring Southern

Queer Artists and their stories on southern

migration to and from the US South. This

video was completed as a promo fundraising

video for the show's Indiegogo.  All money went directly to the artists and artist travel.


This campaign received $3,250 with a goal

of $3,000 goal.

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